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Saint Nicholas Catholic School is a WRISA (Wisconsin Religious and Independent School Accreditation) Accredited School.


As an WRISA accredited school, SNS, must complete a comprehensive Self Study program. In which every aspect of the educational program is examined. The following year, a team of educators from across the state conduct an onsite visit to validate the school’s Self Study and verify the compliance with the WRISA Standards and Indicators. Based on the feedback the school develops a Long-Range Plan for school improvement based on the recommendations identified by the Visiting Team. After this comprehensive review of the reports, the WRISA board of directors determine the accreditation status of the school.

SNS along with other private schools are accredited in a seven-year cycle. During this time SNS must submit Annual Reports to the board of directors that detail their progress in meeting there yearly goals.

In the sixth year of their cycle schools conduct a new Self Study. This is followed by another Site Visit and submittal of a new Visiting Team Report and Long Range Plan to the WRISA board of directors in the seventh year.

For more information and complete listing of schools, visit the 
WRISA website.

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