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Curriculum and Standards

Religious Education

Saint Nicholas Catholic School is committed to educating the whole child:  mind, body, and soul. The community of Freedom supports Catholic education for all children. Kindergarten through eighth grade take turns preparing the weekly Thursday Masses, which is celebrated by the whole school, their families, and our parishioners. Reconciliation is offered to our 3rd through 8th graders. Our second graders prepare for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Holy Eucharist.


We pray our students leave SNS with the tools as faith filled young people because of their experiences, values, morals, and opportunities that they have received at SNS.

Early Childhood

Early childhood (3K-K) promotes academic, spiritual, and emotional growth for our youngest learners. The students are exposed to skills to help them be successful students now and in the future. We offer a warm Christian environment that promotes student learning through interaction with other students and hands-on learning. The children are encouraged to use their words to express their feelings as they interact both inside the classroom and outside the classroom. 

Elementary Education

The 1st through 5th grade classrooms are self-contained except for music and physical education. The curriculum consists of Religion, Communication Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, PE and music. Organizational skills, study habits, and character education are taught to empower the students with characteristics that will support them on their life long learner journey. Teachers present different opportunities throughout the year for students to grow in their faith. 

Middle School

The Middle School curriculum is challenging, hands-on, exploratory, and prepares the students for high school. Our caring and dedicated faculty and staff work for and with students and their families to meet each student’s educational needs. Individualized attention ensures each student, is able to reach his or her highest potential.


Saint Nicholas incorporates up to date technology into all areas in order to prepare our students for the Global world in which we live in. We offer Chromebooks to grades two through eight. As well as giving our eighth graders a Chromebook as they transition to high school. Additionally, we offer iPads to our kindergarten through first graders.

Saint Nicholas Standards

Saint Nicholas Catholic School offers a complete religious and academic education program by a degreed and state certified teaching staff. In addition, educators are also required to meet specific standards for Diocesan religious certification.

Education programs taught at Saint Nicholas Catholic School align with the Green Bay Diocesan standards.

Communication Arts
Green Bay Diocesan Communication Arts Standards K-8

Digital Learning - Technology
Green Bay Diocesan Digital Learning - Technology K-8

Green Bay Diocesan Math Standards K-2
Green Bay Diocesan Math Standards 3-5
Green Bay Diocesan Math Standards 6-8

Physical Education
Green Bay Diocesan Physical Education Standards K-8

Green Bay Diocesan Religion Standards K-8

Green Bay Diocesan Science Standards K-2
Green Bay Diocesan Science Standards 3-5
Green Bay Diocesan Science Standards 6-8

Social Studies
Green Bay Diocesan Social Studies Standards K-8

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