School Advisory Committee

Current Members: Fr. Robert Chinnapan (Pastor), Abby Linwood (Principal), Jayne Vosters (President), Jodi Roskowski, Krista Rew, Will Van Rossum, Jim Newhouse, OPEN (Parish Council Rep)

The School Advisory Committee ensures fidelity to mission, holds the principal accountable for full classrooms, provides continuity and sustainability through leadership successions,plans for the future, and provides the resources (money and facilities) needed for that plan to succeed.


An excellent Catholic school has a board which recognizes and respects the role(s) of the appropriate and legitimate authorities, and exercises responsible decision making in collaboration with the leadership team for the development and oversight of the school’s fidelity ot mission, academic excellence, and operational vitality.

Your vision of the school is not about today; it is about tomorrow. It is not about today’s students; it is about tomorrow’s students. Advisory Committees stray from this orientation at their peril.


You have an excellent Principal and you can safely leave the school in his or her capable hands. You have neither the time nor the expertise to run the school. But your passion for the mission of the school and the professional and personal skills you bring to your membership fit you admirably for the task of thinking into the future. That is your orientation. Will the school still be there to serve children and their families 10, 25, 50 years from now?